Statement re alleged emails

It has been brought to my attention that there has been a message posted to Facebook by Andy Barr that makes a number of incorrect and frankly libellous claims about AltAway.

Firstly, let me point out quite clearly and categorically:

Neither I, nor anybody associated with the project, has sent out any emails, facebook messages, or any communications by any other method, asking for money.  Period.

AltAway is a totally free to use project, and it is my firm intention to keep it this way.  At no point do I, nor will I, ask for any payment details or even personal information beyond a name of your choice, and an email address.  

There IS a "Monero" cryptocurrency donations address posted on the website homepage.  This has never been promoted, by any means, and, to date, has never received any payments.  In any case, Monero is a privacy currency which means that should somebody send a donation, I have no way of knowing who it was that sent it.  Donations are thus totally voluntary and anonymous.

If you have received emails purporting to be from the AltAway project, or mentioning us in any way, asking for any sort of payment, financial details, or personal details, please be assured these were not sent by us.  Please report them to your local police fraud line, along with a link to this posting to show that they are not legitimate.  A note, or copy, to would be appreciated but is not essential.

To briefly address the other points made in Mr Barr's post:  It's all Total Bollocks.  The only sentence I cannot dispute is the one where he says there has been no breach to his customer database, and that's only because I wouldn't know if there was or was not.  If there was, then again, it wasn't us. 



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