A New Name: Part two.

Thank you to everybody who made suggestions, and whom voted in our search for a new name for our Demo world.

We had a number of good suggestions.  Several of these even attracted votes!

I promised a round two, should there be no outright winner.  In determining such a shortlist, I have to bear in mind if any of the candidate names are already in use out there on the internet.  There's no point choosing a name if I can't register a domain name, or if it's already in use on the web or in the App Stores - all that would do is ensure that any promotion we subsequently do benefits them, and not us!

Unfortunately, with the web having matured somewhat in the last 25 years, almost every name anybody has thought of has already been used by someone, somewhere. It's therefore pretty hard to come up with something unique.

All of the nice alliterative names, such as Pixel Plaza are not only already in use, but could be described as overused!  Names such as Xanadu are so well known that we'd probably never appear in a google search result.  We also cannot use anything that has associations with anything similar to what we are doing, otherwise we'll just get confused with them, so nothing that when searched for brings up e.g. a computer or mobile game.

This therefore is the shortlist...

Avagora did well, but is in use by a Camping store in Turkey, who own the .com domain name.  However we could use the .net, or go with Avagoria which to my ears sounds a little better. 

Altabuena is second choice, and the .com is available. Google tells me Alta Buena Vista is a development in Peru.  There's also somebody selling perfume on Facebook..

Voting will start at midnight UTC in the Town Hall, as before, and will be open for three days.

Thanks for all your participation so far!


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